VERUMVISUM – a studio of virtual reality of the full cycle.
We produce 360 video content and create high quality virtual reality apps.


  • Chornobyl 360
  • Megogo 360
  • Druga Rika
  • Kino VR
  • Audi


  • 360 Video Production

    A 360 video gets a viewer inside the film, letting him/her see everything around him/her, really diving him/her inside the content. We use various 360 cameras and professional stitching technologies in order to carry out projects from broadcasts to cinematographic VR films.
    – Drones
    – Mobile platforms
    – First-person
    – Static/dynamic filming

  • 360 Video Post-production

    From stitching and stabilization of 360 video to visual effects and computer graphics – our company uses extensive experience, professional software () equipment to create the breathtaking experience of diving into virtual reality.

  • Binaural sound

    Binaural sound is a significant part of complete diving into virtual reality. As you turn your head around in the virtual reality, the sound starts to change as dynamically as it would in real life.
    We implement up-to-date solutions and development for recording and creating binaural audio in our projects.

  • Computer graphics (CG)

    Our CGI experts combine up-to-date methods with the deep understanding of “the rules of photorealism” to create a better 3D content.

  • 360 Video broadcast

    Make the whole world your audience with the help of complex broadcasting solutions for different platforms.

  • Apps for virtual reality

    We work out cross-platform VR apps for Oculus, Gear VR, Google Cardboard, iOS, Android, Apple TV, veb-players. 360 content works perfectly on tablets, mobile devices, allowing us to establish a bigger audience.


  • Travels
  • Simulations
  • Education
  • Virtual showroom
  • Real estate & Tourism
  • Concerts & Events